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Körút (Boulevard)

1066 Budapest, Teréz körút 38.
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Open: 07.00 -23.00 h

During holidays we are open!

California Coffee Company’s first café has deservedly become the favorite one among young business people and university students. If you have business meeting or want to learn, read your e-mails or just sit back in a soft armchair with a cup of hot coffee in your hand, our café will always await you with steaming hot coffee, fresh sandwiches and sweet pastries from 7 am until 11 pm.


1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 4-5.
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Open: 07.00 – 23.00h

During holidays we are open!

This café is mainly visited by young people working in the neighborhood and by tourists. The panoramic windows over the comfortable armchairs and sofas offer breathtaking views of the cathedral radiating peace and tranquility. The café is always bustling and the coolest music creates a perfect atmosphere to meeting friends and workshops.

Kalvin Square

1088 Budapest, Kálvin tér 12.
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Open: 07.30 – 23.30h

During holidays we are open!

California Coffee Company’s second café is mainly visited by Hungarian and foreign students studying at universities nearby. They like coming to us, as they can learn in a good mood here, enjoying an aromatic coffee or meeting their friends and can join the Internet via free Wi-Fi at any time. The comfortable armchairs provide ideal places for dates or meeting friends and the rear tables offer a great opportunity to have a sandwich or coffee while working on your laptop.

List Ferenc Square

Liszt Ferenc tér 1.
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OPEN: 07.00 – 23.00

During holidays we are open!

The building of our latest CCC shop in Liszt Ferenc tér boasts an impressive history: it used to accommodate Japán („Japanese”); a hip and widely frequented coffee house at the turn of the century. Therefore, we fully intend to restore the reputation and air of what was once among the most popular places in vintage Budapest. When designing our coffee shop, we were striving to retain the mood as well as the cultural-historical heritage; that’s why we put significant effort in the artistic renovation of the original ceiling pattern resembling Japanese bamboo shoots. While doing justice to our characteristically youthful and dynamic style, we paid homage to the cultural heritage by adjusting the interior design to the turn-of-the-century atmosphere – and by installing a working piano, which our guests have been happy to try since the very first day we opened.


2051 Biatorbágy, Budaörsi út 4.
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In Premier Outlet you can find our shop in ’Food court’ where you can have a rest after busy shopping and enjoy the usual flavors of California Coffee Company. Our complete choice of coffee, sandwiches and cakes is available as take-away.
FALLTIME – Pear pie and cinnamon flavoured latte macchiato Autumn’s here again!

There’s no person whose mouth wouldn’t start to water at the sight and smell of freshly baked, steaming pear and cinnamon pie, just out of the oven. And the real pleasure comes when you take the first bite and your mouth is filled with the heartwarming taste of crumbling crust and silky sweet pear and cinnamon.

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CCC - 2014 - Falltime - KortesPiteLatte - WEB -  Termekvalasztek - 340x277px
Welcome Autumn Coffee – Apple pie latte The trees in the garden are heavy with shiny, ripe fruits: apples and pears, peaches and plums. Remember when your Grandma made you cookies and pies full of delicious autumn fruits? Mmmmm… even the memories are making our mouths water!

This fall, the harvest high hit California Coffee Company with freshly baked pies and colourful, shiny fruit baskets.

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CCC - 2014 - Oszkoszonto - Almaspite Latte - WEB -  Termekvalasztek - 340x277px
NEW Weekly Offer – Praline Caffee Latte Fantastic combination of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts like to eat a big bowl of pralines, just in California, Budapest famous cafés!

Praline Caffee Latte, with flavoured of caramell, chocolate and hazelnuts


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CCC - 2014 - HetiAjanlat - PralineCaffeeLatte - WEB - Termekvalasztek - 340x277px
Coffees, teas, sandwiches, cakes, fruits Learn more about our product range further, learn the unique flavors of California Coffee Company, coffee specialties, pastries extra-large, rich sandwiches, fiber blends its tea, cold drinks and always fresh fruit.

Meet our favorite cafes in Budapest!

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